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Step 1

Start a New Chapter

Create Chapter 1 of a new story or continue a current story by adding your own chapter.

Step 2

Change the Narrative

Add your chapter to a current story.  Imagine changing the actions of characters to provide the outcomes that you want.

Step 3

Read the chapters added by other storytellers

Follow the story by reading others chapters.  Every chapters added changes the trajectory of the overall story.

Step 4

Purchase the Finished Book

Own the book that includes your chapter.

Submission Guidelines

We're looking for very short chapters, a single page of no more than 1,000 words.  Our readers prefer  a chapter that enhances a story based on what they've read in previous chapters.  


All story genres are acceptable.  

Our readership is adult.  Please, no gratuitous sex and violence, foul language andno names of real individuals.  

The content should be appropriate to the plot and characters of each story.

My Pageconnector is looking for literary fiction.

Note: Submitted stories become the property of My PageConnector.

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